Psychometric test

A combination of Aptitude and Personality test to measure Student’s Interest, Ability and Personality (IAP). The assessments provide holistic recommendations to career decision maker based on assessment of multiple traits. Based on the test report, GoBudee Counselors help Students and Parents to make more informed and better educational and career choices.

Video Sessions

Providing Personalized Sessions and an Individual attention to focus on Study Skills and Personal Development. All the Video Sessions are done within the School infrastructure and under their supervision.

Allied Services

Text Based Therapy:

The students can message their respective counselors and expect a reply within 48hrs.

News Feed:

Regular updates on Educational events for Schools, Students and Counselors. Scholarship notifications for Students based on their interest and Eligibility

Discussion Forum:

An open discussion forum for all the registered students to get in touch with other counselors, students from different schools and the experts from different fields or career.

Scholarship Notification:

A program that provides relevant information about Scholarships to Students based on their interest and eligibility.

General Counseling

Extensive workshops and talks will be conducted with the students with the help of visual aids, videos, interactive exercises, etc. These are aimed at imbibing important values at an impressionable age so the students grow up to be self- aware, respectable individuals. We created a program that cover 7 very relevant topics for the students: Sex Education (healthy relationships, good touch and bad touch), Peer Pressure, Drug Abuse, Time Management, Personality Development, Self - Awareness and Public Speaking.

School Platform

Gobudee acts as a platform that brings counselors from different parts of the country to students of a school, with the help of technology. The counseling services are provided under the supervision of the School. Gobudee provides a thorough Online program, which starts with a Psychometric Test and moves on to a series of online video sessions with counsellors every month.